Saturday, 13 February 2010

...and the rest.

The fish and chip shop of the year award is highly regarded in the fish and chip trade so the design for a pictogram to represent it had to show elegance and superiority as well as give off the traditional feel people have come to love.
My initial ideas shown below were based on the idea of one fish being separated from the rest to suggest it was 'better' or a 'winner', however after a critique session I came to realise that although it made sense in my thinking, it wasn't immediately clear to others.

The idea I have chosen to pursue now involves the 3 elements (smells) that to me capture what fish and chips is all about. The vinegar, salt and pepper.
Using these elements I composed a pictogram showing them in the form of a winners podium with 3 levels of superiority (what I was looking for earlier).

This new pictogram is much clearer and communicates the idea a lot clearer than the previous did.

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