Wednesday, 28 April 2010

I was wrong, a couple more changes

I have added the full name of the magazine to the back cover as I realised it wasn't mentioned anywhere in the magazine.
I have also dropped the point size of the front cover copy to 12pt from 14pt as it sits a little neater.

Finished...I think

I have further revised the design of the 'Mark & Form' cover, including the spine and back cover, which specifies the paper and printing methods used.
I have adjusted the colours to allow for ease of screen printing the front cover, I have also decided the new two colour scheme has more impact than the previous cover.

The logo in the top left has been down-sized to stop it distracting from the cover image.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Final cover.

After making some adjustments to the content list and minor tweaking of the layout I have come to a decision for the cover for 'Mark & Form'.
I have completed the inside spreads, a total of 22 pages which I will post in due course.
I have the back cover and spine to attend to before finalising the project and making any further adjustments after the final critique.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Four more compositions.

Four more cover layouts to muse over.

Cover idea

This is my first worked up version of a possible cover design for 'Mark & form'.
As you can see I have dropped the words mark and form from the logo as I feel it looks better this way.

The layout of this cover design draws the eye down in a diagonal from the top left corner to the bottom right, creating a hierarchy system.
The image used relates to the special report section of the magazine, i.e. the feature article.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Textile summer.

More textile products to come in my Envelop shop this summer, following the success of my 'Low Ink' series.
I'll update as new products become available.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

A decision.

After a much appreciated critique with one of my tutors and fellow students, I have decided to work further on both the 'square grid' and the 'stacked Helvetica' logo ideas as they are the strongest.
My favourite being the latter I am very excited to explore its possibilities and develop my ideas through to a final solution.

Yet another.

A fourth logo idea for my magazine 'Mark & Form'. This idea was born on paper as a pencil drawing when experimenting with stacked letterforms.
In Helvetica Bold this mark is strong, contemporary and holds it's own very well, it can easily sit in a corner or central in a masthead, and shows power as well as excitement.

I have more variations which will be posted in due course.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Gill Sans

This is a personal piece of work giving a short overview of my opinion on Gill Sans, a typeface designed in 1926 by Eric Gill.
Click the image to see it full size and read the text.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

A third.

Yet another idea for the identity for my magazine entitled 'Mark & Form'.
After some feedback about my last idea, suggesting it was difficult to read (and looking at covers of old U&lc magazines), I went down a new road, however keeping in mind the grid structure I was trying to capture before.

This time I wanted to capture the delicacy of the serif letters, but still keeping a contemporary and structured feel. The letters have been partially sliced to create a geometry style which I feel reflects the magazine and what it's content will be.


Here is a folder I have designed for Sheffield Hallam University, which will be produced as a tool for all undergraduates using the faculty of 'Arts, Computing, Engineering and Sciences' 2010/11.
It will house all their induction information and keep it organised.

The design uses words that end in 'aces' which all relate to an area of the faculty, this creates a connection between each course and captures them as a family within their faculty.

I'll post again when production is completed in September of this year so it can be seen in use/context.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Another mark

This is another idea I had for the identity of my magazine. The above shows it in the grid it was constructed in, which personally I like as a feature of the design. It captures the essence of the mark and ultimately shows the process, which would suit the magazine perfectly.
The lower shows the same mark, but without the grid. This seems less interesting, however it is still a nice composition.

Thursday, 8 April 2010


A poster designed by Sagmeister Inc. for paper company 'Neenah' in which they were only allowed to use a single punctuation mark. Obviously they chose the apostrophe and I must say it looks fantastic, the hand printed feel also compliments the idea. Quoting Sagmeister, "[this] apostrophe is in the letter elimination business".

Mark & Form

Here is an idea for the identity of a magazine I am developing for my latest project.
The title of the magazine is 'Mark & Form' and the content is based on identity design and branding.

This mark is constructed from the shape of the ampersand (Futura Medium) and a lowercase 'k' which I have drawn to fit with the shape of the symbol. It joins the two together in the name 'Mark & Form' (mar'K&'form).
This creates an interesting connection between the words and allows for a unique mark to represent the publication.
The title is set in Avenir 65 Bold alongside the mark to echo it's strength and cleanness. Colour is undecided at the moment, as is the identity really, but here is my favourite solution so far.