Monday, 22 March 2010

CA Asbestos Services

Recently (actually a few months ago, but I have only now been given permission to include it on my blog) I was asked to re-design the identity for a business originally called 'Clean Air Analytical Limited'. (Now C.A. Asbestos Services).

Below you can see the old logo, dated and lacking in professional expectations.

The client had decided this needed updating, along with new design for all their stationary.

Here are 3 versions I proposed (the middle one being the chosen logo):

The idea behind the new logo was to highlight the companies beliefs in precision and accuracy as well as clean cut professionalism.
The C & A were used in 'Futura' typeface to build the mark and have been combined to create the shape of a microscope, the main tool used in their work.

Here is the final logo shown in two forms. This was before the client had decided on a final name, it was a toss between the two below. Obviously the upper of the two was eventually chosen.

Monday, 15 March 2010

'Low ink' update

Due to the growing popularity of my 'Low Ink' pillows I have now made the same prints available as totebags over on Envelop. Each bag is only 19.99 euros (roughly $27.42).

I hope people find these as stylish as the pillows (and maybe more useful).

(Due to computer trouble I am unable to place images here but I shall have it sorted soon).

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

'Low Ink' Pillows

Here is my latest collection of pillowcases entitled 'Low Ink', inspired by the frustration of your printer ink running low at critical moments of print.

Recently featured on the blog run by designer Laura Sweet, 'If It's Hip, It's Here' and has been getting a fair amount of attention. Thanks again Laura.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Magic sprouts!

On my bus ride home today I over-heard a young boy, sitting with his mum, shout out the words

"Magic Sprouts!"

Although I thought this was a bit strange it amused me and made me think of the stories his mother might have told him to encourage vegetable eating.