Friday, 5 February 2010

50 years of graphic work (and play)

50 years of graphic work (and play) is an exhibition I visited on Wednesday showing a lifetime of work by the world renowned designer Alan Fletcher.
Fletcher was one of the founders of Pentagram, now the most well known design company in the world and you can see why when looking at his work.

Looking at all his work in the exhibition you can tell that design was more than just a career to Fletcher, it was a strong passion that he not only saw as work, but also pleasure.

His print work in my eyes is simply beautiful, his ability to capture the audience with such simple but cleverly put together design is fascinating. Especially the work below for PanAm (Pan America World Airlines) which although looks simple, utilises strong typography and colour psychology to create an outcome that is visually exciting and still consumer friendly.

The work I have seen here has truly inspired me and I am now going to try to experiment more with careful typesetting and simple yet clever graphic techniques, along with traditional processes as screen printing hand crafting type.

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