Thursday, 19 November 2009

Plan of action

Through analysis and reflecting on my existing work I have put together a plan of action which I will carry out through the rest of my course in Graphic design. In doing this I hope it will give me the motivation I need to ensure I'm constantly producing work of the highest quality.

I think for me keeping up to date with current studios who produce identity work is a must. By following such studios I feel I can keep in touch with any trends and then use this to be different in my own design. Find out what people are doing now, and then do the opposite so to speak.
I want to read more design magazines as well, read articles by the people that influence my work, go to lectures on similar subjects as well as checking daily design blogs (which I'm pretty good at anyway).

Often what really gets me excited is looking over the internet or in shops for unusual objects, things that make me smile or think about their purposes. Iv'e always enjoyed discovering hidden meaning and reasoning for why designers have produced what they have and I want to take what I learn and then put my own twist on it. Create my own unique meanings definitions for what I do.

Overall I want to develop a more pro-active attitude when it comes to recording ideas and thought and I think providing I can keep this to a daily basis I will succeed in moving forward and developing much richer skills in the field of graphic identity.

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