Thursday, 19 November 2009

Design specialism

Specialising in a specific part of graphic design is something I find as an important turn in my learning and a way to focus my ideas into a more specific and rich format.

Motion graphics
Structural graphics/Packaging
Handmade graphics

Choosing to explore identity and branding further is what I have decided to do.

I find the whole idea of creating and promoting the individual persona of something, whether it is a large company or just a single person, extremely exciting. I want to utilise and apply my skills to provide thought provoking and deeply impacting ideas and visuals which create more than just a brand for something. Rather a body of binding material that really endorses and enhances that 'something's' already existing personality.

I want to take identity to new levels and create timeless work that has an impact on the communities associated with these 'somethings'.

My definition of Identity
'A brand is simply a visual representation of something, but an identity comes from within, it challenges the mind and when executed with the correct precision and detail can produce highly dramatic everlasting results.
Identity is a tool for expressing visually the true ethics and thought behind an idea or object. It should show this through minimal effort, yet huge impact.'

Skills I will need

High Photoshop & Illustrator skills and knowledge.
Confident InDesign skills.
Ability to sketch quick, yet accurate roughs.
I need to be able to analyse and critique my work both positively and negatively.
Research and develop my ideas fully before making any final decisions.
Explore all possible methods of solution to my problem.

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