Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The rest of the roll

This is the second instalment of my tape project posts which will talk about a couple of other pieces including what was used as the final outcome, which in my opinion could have been much improved.

Below is another version of the piece last shown in my prior post, however this blue version is making use of the negative space around the letters leaving the lettering itself to become negative in the sense of colour.
This is my personal favourite of the two as I am a big fan of white typography on colour or black backgrounds.

Here is my example of a little project we did which involved using the tape as a material in which to wrap an object. As you can see below I went down the ironic and somewhat childish route of taping up... you guessed it, a roll of tape! In fact I found this a lot of fun and I think the irony adds a huge amount to the piece. Although the shape is a bit boring and there is little skill involved in producing it, the idea as a whole comes off as a success and even evokes some humour, which I always love.

The final example in this post is my final piece for this project. Going back to the theme of equality I explored the equality of colour and black and negative space within a piece of work.
Looking at the work of Piet Mondrian greatly inspired this work, however I think i have too closely resembled my work to his which is why I feel it is not a very powerful piece.
In the future when first looking at examples of work by other artists I'll see how I can try to incorporate their style without almost copying it completely. Other than that as my main criticism I feel the piece reflects the rest of my body of work, it just needs a bit more thought on the composition and overall outcome.

In my next post I'll be talking about a group project involving creating and re-branding a hybrid company to suit new ideas and practises. This involved creation of all sorts of things from a corporate logo to advertising material and packaging examples. See you soon!

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