Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tape and more tape

I'd like to share with you the first project I underwent at Uni, which as you may have guessed from the title... involves tape, and lots of it.

Throughout my own personal exploration of the project I looked at the word 'equality' and used numerous techniques which incorporated this theme in anything from layout, to subject matter.

The piece below was one of my first experiments with tape and exploring how it can be used considering its properties, for example it's easiest to apply in clean cut straight lines. This piece is also looking at the interaction of colour and pattern and how both work together. The angled lines, especially the red and black are very similar to that of many posters designed by the Russian Constructivists which always gave a sense of direction and purpose.

Here I have continued the theme of black and red using very bold straight lines trying to harmonise the way they interact with one another, this piece reminded me very much of Piet Mondrians work, the black lines making squares that encase the red within. This could symbolise the inequality between the black and the red, although the red dominates in terms of size, the black is still the controlling element.

This experiment involved using the tape as more of a material now rather than an influence. Parts of this were difficult as the tape is naturally straight edged, but for this instance I needed to create curved forms so I had to carefully pleat the edges to follow the curves of the letters. Which you may have already guessed make up the word 'eqaulity'. This piece I find most aesthetically pleasing of the 3 as it makes good use of both the positive and negative space and could be seen as an abstract as well as a structured piece of design.

That is all I have to share with you today, but I will continue this project in my next post. As I mentioned before it was my first on of the year and so is not as strong as my later work, but I hope you enjoy it all the same.

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