Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Down to business

Ok so that was a bit of an immature opening post, so allow me to redeem myself now by saying that I have created this blog to share with you, the viewers, the experiences ideas and outcomes of a second year Graphic Design student. Me.

Throughout the coming weeks, months and possibly years as I develop further, I want to use this space to exhibit my creative processes and work that I have produced during (and outside of) my learning days at Sheffield Hallam University.

I am not sure just yet how often I will update the blog, but my aim is for a few times each week and to build up a showcase of work for anybody who is interested in how the mind of a design student may work.

As of now it will mainly include work produced during my first year, but as time goes by I hope to expand out and be sharing with you my experience throughout my degree years.

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