Friday, 21 August 2009

Femme Fatal

Right, well I didn't post as often as I would have liked these last few weeks, but this is party due to my mac having to be sent away to be repaired. All done now though so its time for the rest of the work to be exhibited.

This project involved as I have mentioned before, taking two existing companies and merging them to create a new hybrid for which we had to design appropriate material for.
The companies given to our particular group was the 'Magic Circle' (the UK's biggest magic society) and 'Agent Provocateur' (a very high class lingerie boutique).

We began to brainstorm initially creating mood boards, basically clipping and drawings and anything else we could find relating to our given and similar companies or areas. Our idea ended up being a store that would sell sexy outfits and clothing specifically for the entertainment business, i.e magicians assistants etc.

The main focus as with any new company was the logo. Logo's are essential when creating a branding for a company and will always be what sticks in the minds of the clients/customers. We went through a huge variety of hand drawn ideas before moving into illustrator and through a rather long process we came up with something which was both simple and elegantly appealing at the same time.

With the logo finished we moved onto product branding and looking at ideas for packaging designs and advertising material. I arranged a photo shoot with a friend to be used as a model for advertisement that would feature in magazine spreads, like you would see in Vogue etc.
As for packaging we designed and produces wraps for boxes and an example carrier bag in the classic brown bag style.

The one thing I myself found difficult in this project was working as part of a team. Ofcourse it had its advantages, like more interesting ideas and getting an idea of how others around you worked and their styles. But our particular group seemed to have more people who would put in considerably less effort, this may have been to do with them thinking they couldn't do it as good, I don't know, but it made it harder for the couple of us who put in all the effort to make the project successful. But I guess as they say, 'if you want to do something right, do it yourself'.

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