Monday, 18 October 2010

Project work 2010/11

I have decided to pursue 2 main projects this year as part of my final year of university. The first came as a result of being asked to design a new way-finding signage system for the Sheffield Institute of Arts gallery. I was approached at the end of the summer period following the production of the folder for the SHU faculty of ACES, with the request to design a new system to entice people into the gallery space and how to navigate towards it, due to it being rather non-descript and hard to find.
The other project will be an identity redesign for Browns fashion in London, which is a fictional brief. This project will focus on refreshing their current identity and applying it across a plethora of media, particularly packaging, which I want to use as an opportunity to really express the brand. Similar to how Michael Bierut achieved this with Saks Fifth Avenue.

Work in progress to be featured in the coming days.

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