Saturday, 31 July 2010

Seeing Positives

I admit I haven't had much work to show you lately due to being in the middle of two client projects, due to be finished soon and they will be up for you to see.

For now though I do have a small piece of work to show, a poster I have designed as part of the Positive Posters Project based in Melbourne, Australia.
The competition is held annually between July and October. They give designers two months to create and submit a positive design that responds to the theme of that year. An exhibition is held of the top 30 posters, and the winner chosen by a group of international judges. They then print 4000 copies of the winning poster and paste it all over the streets of Melbourne, Australia. And send a few off around the world too!

This years brief:

"I haven’t failed; I’ve had 10,000 ideas that didn’t work 
– Benjamin Franklin

We think Mr. Franklin had a nice way of looking at things. So the 2010 competition theme is ‘A Glass Half Full’.
 For those who don’t know, this saying refers to optimism. Some people see situations with optimism (Franklin – glass half full), and some see situations with pessimism (glass half empty)."

Here is my poster, see it larger here and here

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