Sunday, 17 January 2010

The fish are dying!

After beginning a brief all about sustainable fishing and keeping the oceans teaming with all species of fish and seafood, I have discovered that unless we start to fish more sustainably our oceans stock of fish will rapidly deplete and could be completely destroyed by 2050.
I found these issues incredibly alarming and now believe that unless appropriate awareness of what is happening is strongly spread the worst will be inevitable.

The brief is to design a new and updated logo for SeaFish (www.seafish.org) who currently promote and and authorise sustainable fishing laws. And to further promote and express there current issues through the advertisement of the 'Fish and Chip shop of the year' 2010 awards.

So far Iv'e conducted extensive research into sustainable fishing laws and regulations and all that is going on in the commercial fishing industry.
For example, and astonishing one third of all fish caught each year is purely used to make fish meal to feed farmed fish. Some of which can eat up to 10kg of fish meal to gain just 1kg of weight.

Both good and bad evidence has been found through my research and I will be using my findings to draw from when beginning my design work.

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